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The unspeakable language of the light making itself known to her in her minds eye.
She picks up her camera and they dance. A knowing that her divine purpose unfolds as she leaves no room to question the beauty and divine excellence of her subjects.

Writing with the light, she imparts an awareness through her photos, cutting through the veils of illusions with her art, using her camera.

She is a seer of the soul, the aura and divinity of the feminine essence.

Her photo sessions are like a spiritual celebration where you meet yourself. In that moment, you realize your own wisdom, radiance and grace.

Magic happens as she reveals the truth.

She is a Seer.

A Visionary.

An intuitive Soul Artist.

She has a quiet confidence that helped me to relax and trust both the process and her skills as a photographer. She is highly intuitive, and I could tell right away that she understood precisely what I was hoping to create with these images.
— C.B
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Beautiful, talented, magical work - although to call it work doesn’t seem quite right. It’s really art in the purest sense, and Nikolina has an artist’s soul.
— E.W
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