the soul behind the lens


When I stop to ask myself why I do this work, the answer is simple – for people to feel empowered and to love themselves a little bit more. My vision, over the last several years has changed. It started by focusing only on mothers and their families. Then it evolved to creating branding images for women in soulful businesses. I was inspired when I realized my gift was to capture people’s essence on camera. In the place you are at, in that very moment.

It all started 10 years ago when my husband bought me my first DSLR camera after I had expressed interest getting into photography one day as a hobby. Quickly, I realized that I actually had a talent for it. I didn’t go to school - everything up to date is self-taught. I learn best this way. My technical side of things needed time to develop but I always had a vision for the moment. Back before I was able to articulate into words what it is I do, I would receive feedback that my work was very “emotional” and that my images always tell a story. And to this day, my images are full of emotion and that is something I accentuate when I play with light and shadows to illuminate your essence and the energy of the moment. During my 10 years, I took a bit of a hiatus because I was feeling so uninspired. During that time, I had my first daughter and followed a long-time dream of moving from the city to the country. Finding our house in a quaint little village in Caledon, inspiration kicked up again but with a different twist. There is something magical about the land that surrounds me and I’m happy to harness this magic to put into my craft.

Huge thank you for stopping by and checking out my photoart. To all my true supporters and to those who genuinely want to see me succeed - you all have a place in my heart.

Much love,